Logbook for S / Y Albatross 2000-06-26 Arendal

Date 2000-06-26 2000-06-27
Route Arendal
Position 58 27 396 N
08 45 968 E
Weather Rain, sun 16 West 10-12 m / s

Distance 16 1010 mmbar


Arendal is well protected in the inner archipelago. The marina is right in the center at the town hall, with seating for about fifty boats. Right after we moored the boat, we were required to port charges.

The fee is 230 NOK per night. Pretty expensive for the shower facility used cost of this 37 NKR per shower and personal. Previously, all three come together in a shower but it was not approved here. Here was the order. Now, we prepare our showers on board.

At the municipal library could use the Internet for free. Only ID required. Interesting to follow anyone who writes on our website guestbook.

The city was beautiful with all the colorful houses on stone hills.

The days were conducted by boat maintenance. Avbärarplankor we lacked for mooring boats.

During our bike rides in Skagen we had ”smell” inside a larger building with wooden planks two inches by six, but it was not there.

Then it was better off here. City Hall was renovated. It was used well stamped Norwegian wood from virgin quality. Now packed backpack with three German beers. A short walk to the site, to discuss the timber business.

The Norwegian carpenters were light and negotiate with. Three beers and I had two planks of specially sawn length. Now we were equipped with avbärarplankor.

The weather did not improve. Despite the bad weather sailed on Thursday.


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